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Sunday, October 6, 2019

PhD Holders: We Are DUMB.

Hi Beautiful!

I got into an argument with my brother over spilled water. He got angry and say "How can you be so dumb and have a PhD?" 

Duh! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ก

PhD holders are like any normal humans. We are like anybody else, makes mistakes and live our life fully as a normal human being. 

With regards to our PhD journey, our research has been done based on one small tiny area of vast knowledge in this world and universe. That tiny fraction does not make us God. God that knows everything, every single detail of everything. 

As a PhD holder myself, when I saw tons of trillions of journals, publications, and researches, I just realised that I'm just a DUMB person try to mould into a small fraction of knowledge. So basically, I know only a tiny piece of research compared to many other pieces of research in this world. 

Once I got to this highest degree, I just found myself not only DUMB but do not have anything to declare that I'm a philosopher or researcher, since I did make a lot of mistakes even during my own thesis and publications. 

And why I'm so angry over that stupid question my brother gave me? It is not because of my own ego, its because other people expect of me becoming a perfect Goddess, the all-knowing and the most perfect human on earth. It's like I do not have the right to make mistakes and cannot say NO or DONT KNOW to anything. And I hate that.

So next time when you see a PhD holder spill her coffee, just say, "It's ok, lemme clean up for you". ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

New Page for BrainyBugBite: BBA's Students Assignment

Nitey Nite All.

As you all might not know, I have become a lecturer in one of Malaysia's Public University teaching management and marketing subjects to both undergraduates and postgraduates students. 

Throughout my teaching, I gave them tons of assignments and the execution of them are via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Since my kids did excellent jobs in their tasks, I decided to share them in my blog. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ 

A new page has been added up: named as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Students' Assignments, mainly for undergraduate students. The postgraduates ones will be added later. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

30 + Job Interviews: What I Learn?

30 + Job Interviews: What I Learn?

2012. A year that I found myself searching for the perfect ways to reach my dream job as a lecturer. Feeling exhausted, frustrated, and giving up creep inside of me. I’m grateful I’ve been given so many opportunities to go through such a huge number of interviews, from academic and industrial areas.

I’ve been a bad and excellent interview’s candidate. It’s like a never-ending game with less chance of winning to get that dream job. But deep within my heart, I want to fight, never wanted to hear what the naysayers say about my struggles. Just keep on moving.

Persistent. Luck. Hard work. All were intertwined in my journey. Persistent never to give up. Even though the other people felt exhausted towards my job-hunting journey. Only just by looking. Having luck by praying to God to help ease my journey. Believe that the big boss is looking up there. Hard work by continuous applying job once a month even there’s no job opening. Creating my own.

Even though I got my dream job now, I felt there is a need for me to help others find their dream. I still love to go to the job fair, asking employer their opinions, how the job trends are shifting, so that I could change as well. Improved as an academician and as a human.

So, what I learned? Job interviews are human perceptions, emotions, and preferences. If they like you, they take you in. If they don’t, you’re out. Preparation is important to increase the likelihood to be like. CGPA, resume, appearance might be the factor to get you the job, but networking is also a turning point for you to get easier access. But somehow, if you persevere enough, you will beat all that anyway.

Believe in your dream. If you don’t have one, build it. Improved your attitude. Be humble, do your best in every stage of your life. 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research: Closing the Gap through Diagrams and Frequencies

I did my Ph.D. for 4 years previously, and I found there is a significant gap between two research methods of quantitative and qualitative: interpretation. When I was in my master’s degree year, I quantitatively did my thesis. However, I change my approach to qualitative due to my personal research scope involving spirituality concept.

There were many differences between these two. However, what intrigued me the most is how these methods can close its gap. Majority of my friends were doing quantitative, as I’m the minority of doing qualitative, I found many assumptions and opinions on both methods being portrayed by both group of students.

Quantitative was deemed not in-depth enough when it comes to findings’ interpretation, and many adaptations from previous researches as well. The bright side on this method was that it may shorten the period of doing research, lack of bias and the findings are quantifiable.

Qualitative, on the other hand, was believed to be taken a more extended period, more bias, the findings are unquantifiable thus makes it hard to publish in journal publication. The pros of this method were its originality, in-depth interpretation, able to grasp more hidden issues and more emotions shown in this type of research.

In my Ph.D. journey, I’ve been surrounded by quantitative people. Starting with my main supervisor, two of my co-supervisors, 3 internal examiners and 1 external examiner, all were experts in the quantitative method. As a previous quantitative researcher myself (in master degree), I always asked myself, “How would I interpret my thesis so that quantitative researchers can understand, without being so-called “boring” and “hard to understand” with so many wordings in the qualitative method.”

I found that I need to come out with several solutions on how to interpret my thesis: through diagrams and frequencies. I discovered a software called “Atlas.ti” which helps me to build my own layouts, and some coding frequencies. And it all makes sense. It works like wonders. My committee supervisory and examiners finally understand the way I did my thesis as quantifying it makes it easier to understand.

Years go by, I found another conflicting opinion among qualitative researchers by rejecting the quantifying way of interpreting the findings of this type of research method. “Qualitative shouldn’t be quantified as its already unique in its own way. It should be all words all along”. As for me, to simplify a complex concept is creativity itself. If we, qualitative researchers may find a way to close the gap between quantitative researchers and us, why not? 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Coming Soon.. in 2019

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Penipuan Umrah di Malaysia: Cara - Cara Mengelak dari Ditipu

Salam all..

Hari ni saya nak kongsikan cara - cara untuk mengelak dari ditipu penipuan Umrah. mis dapat informasi ni dari kajian PhD saya yang melibatkan penipuan umrah di Malaysia ni. Informasi ini dikongsikan untuk kegunaan bersama. saya dapat info ini dari Kementerian, syarikat2 umrah dan pelanggan umrah sendiri selepas interview dengan mereka. ok, cara - caranya adalah seperti berikut: 

1. Cari informasi tentang syarikat umrah.

selalunya, bila kita tengok agamawan (ustaz/ustazah) jadi model kepada sesetengah syarikat umrah, kita perlu cari informasi tentang syarikat tersebut. jangan hanya percaya kepada model tersebut. sebabnya, model tersebut hanyalah mempromosikan sahaja servis umrah mereka, yang menjalankan servis tersebut adalah syarikat itu. kat mana nak semak informasi ni? di sini: 

pastikan mereka mempunyai lesen umrah yang berdaftar supaya anda tidak tertipu. 

2. Pembayaran deposit. 

Syarikat umrah tidak boleh mengambil lebih dari 25% deposit dari keseluruhan pakej umrah. 21 hari sebelum berlepas, barulah pelanggan boleh membayar keseluruhan pembayaran pakej kepada syarikat umrah. 

3. Pembayaran kepada syarikat, bukan ejen.

kebanyakan syarikat umrah berdaftar sekarang sudah menggunakan pembayaran secara online untuk memudahkan para pelanggannya. jangan bayar tunai kepada ejen yang menjual pakej umrah ini. pastikan anda bayar terus kepada syarikat. pembayaran secara online, pastikan penerima bayaran anda adalah nama syarikat tersebut, bukan nama ejen (individu). 

4. Jika ada masalah, adu kepada Kementerian Pelancongan.

Jika ada masalah dengan pakej umrah anda, pastikan anda membuat aduan sepenuhnya kepada Kementerian Pelancongan. Anda boleh membuat aduan anda disini:

5. Harga minimum pakej umrah RM4990, 12 hari 10 malam. 

Pastikan harga minimum pakej anda adalah RM4990 untuk 12 hari 10 malam. harga yang lebih murah dari itu, jangan ambil. mungkin adalah penipuan. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

PhD: Satu Jalan Tarbiah

Alhamdulillah. Dah lama mis tak update post, ni baru nak update. Dek kekangan masa mengajar dan belajar, akhirnya mis dah habis pun belajar.

Buat yang baru masuk blog mis, mis ucapkan selamat datang. 😃 Mis sudah pun habis phd., so pada sesiapa yang nak ambil phd, atau tengah buat phd, bolehlah nak tanya sikit sebanyak. Mis bantu mana yang mampu.

Mis ambil phd in business economics di upm dan habis dalam 9 semester (4.5 tahun). Perjalanan yang cukup mencabar dengan ujian keluarga dan diri sendiri, deadline dan kerenah orang sekeliling, dan juga yang paling susah: kewangan.

Mis ditaja dibawah slab slai kpt, orang mesti fikir saya tiada masalah kewangan, jawapannya, tidak. Kontrak saya dengan kpt adalah 3 tahun, dan lagi 1.5 tahun mis bayar yuran dan tanggung diri sendiri. Tapi alhamdulillah, Allah jugalah majikan yang paling agung, pemberi segala rezeki.

Post kali ni mis nak buat panjang sikit, so baru puas hati orang baca. Dah lama takde sentuhan personal dari saya, so saya tulis panjang sikit.

Dalam buat phd ni, mis nampak ramai mempunyai masalah untuk menghabiskannya. Dari masalah sv, kewangan, kesihatan, masa, kerja, keluarga, anak2, mental, dsb, semuanya mis dapat rasa dari diri sendiri dan juga rakan2 phd yang lain.

Ada yang ujiannya maha hebat, ada juga ujian phd nya kecil, semua itu rezeki dari Allah jua. Segala hikmah Allah yang tahu.

Buat mis, ujian paling besar dalam phd ni adalah meninggalnya arwah ibu saya pada sem 2. Sem 1 saya jaga ibu saya yang bed ridden sehinggalah ketiadaan beliau pada sem 2. Memang niat di hati mahu menolak tawaran biasiswa sebab nak jaga ibu, tapi ibu saya nasihatkan supaya teruskan phd. Kasih ibu yang cukup luas.

Saya mengambil masa 1 sem untuk sembuh dari kesedihan dan kemurungan, maknanya phd saya bermula pada sem 4. Sem 6 saya proposal defense, dan sem 8 saya viva. Kontrak gaji sudah habis, tapi saya diwajibkan selesai pengajian dalam masa 5.5 tahun. Perjalanan yang cukup laju dan sibuk bagi saya, lagi pula saya membuat kajian kualitatif. Macam tak percaya, tapi itulah rezeki yang Allah nak beri. Alhamdulillah.

Dalam menyiapkan phd, nasihat saya kena selalu ingat hak2 orang lain terhadap anda. Ibu bapa, keluarga, kawan2, sv, co sv, sedara mara. Hak itu boleh ditunaikan melalui duit jika berkemampuan, tapi yang paling penting adalah masa anda. Luangkan masa anda bersama mereka, belajar2 juga, balance is important. Insyaallah, akan dipermudahkan.

Hak yang paling utama adalah Allah dan Rasulullah. Sedekahkan alfatihah kepada diri sendiri, baginda, ibu bapa, sv. Pergi dengar ceramah agama di masjid, iktikaf di sana jika tiada idea, ada masalah dengan sv dan orang lain. Ingat, hati2 manusia tu Allah yang pegang. Sesiapa sahaja boleh berubah dengan kehendakNya.

Berusaha dan tawakal hanya kepada Tuhan. Dia yang memegang segala galanya. Tiada satu pun atas dunia ini jadi tanpa kehendaknya. Kena faham tu.

Phd saya, saya rasakan Allah mudahkan urusan saya. Alhamdulillah. Bersangka baiklah dengan Allah, insyaallah benda yang baik2 akan datang. Ia adalah satu perjalanan yang penuh liku dan penuh dengan tarbiah bagi saya, tetapi sangat sunyi. Sangat baik untuk dekatkan diri denganNya.

Apa2pun perjalanan anda sekarang, sama ada degree, master atau phd, semuanya berbalik kepada dua ini: tawakal dan usaha. Kepada yang masih belajar, semoga Allah mudahkan urusan belajar kamu. Tak kira berapa lama, berapa banyak cgpa yang kamu dapat, selagi mana ilmu itu dapat mengubah kamu menjadi seorang muslim yang lebih baik, insyaallah itulah sebaik baik kejayaan. Jangan putus asa, ilmu itu ibarat cahaya, penuh suci, dan untuk menggapainya, hatimu mesti bersih.

Jangan kerana ilmu kamu menjadi sombong dan bercakap besar, walaupun kamu sudah berjaya. Percayalah, ia takkan bawa kamu ke mana mana. Ilmu juga rezeki, yang boleh membawa kepada kebaikan dan kejahatan. Oleh itu, gunalah sebaiknya.

Jadikan perjalanan ilmu kamu satu perjalanan yang cukup mentarbiahkan diri kamu. Menjadi insan yang membawa kebaikan kepada diri sendiri dan orang lain. Aaminn..