Empty Dreams

黑色的爪子,涂上厚厚的、黏糊糊的光泽,敲打着窗玻璃.  Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the thin glass cracks.  Uneven lines race each other across the glass.  一个小男孩听到了轻轻的敲击声,把他从睡梦中惊醒.  The creature taps again, 还有一个小洞可以让动物潮湿的呼吸渗透到房间里.

The boy is paralyzed with fear.  他冲向卧室的门,但疼痛从他的腿上掠过.  He desperately attempts to lift his legs; the creature’s hand bursts through the window.  玻璃碎片滑过光滑的硬木,划破男孩汗湿的脚踝.  他的嘴唇颤抖着,嘴里发出一声呜咽.  A tear rolls down the crease of his nose.

这个怪物,不再被玻璃隔开,爬向男孩.  它的爪子在木地板上画出了蜘蛛图案.  An ear-splitting screech echoes in the room.  Quickly, the creature captures the boy in its talons, covering his Spider Man pajamas in bubbling goo.  男孩发出一声血腥的尖叫,然后闭上了眼睛.

我弓起背,急忙把被子从身上扯下来.  I rub my blood-shot eyes with the back of my hand.  My labored breathing stings my raw throat.  我强迫我汗湿的手掌放下我手指间紧握的捕梦网.  The clock on the nightstand vibrates; my shift is over.  I stand, 把我的脚塞进搁在架子上的皮鞋里, zip up my jacket, and throw the empty dream catcher into the shadows.

The door closes, and locks, behind me.  The narrow hallway is flooded with people.  所有人看起来都一样:筋疲力尽,伤痕累累.  I suspect that I appear the same.  A woman greets me, “Hey Bill, how was your shift?我的目光停留在她闪亮的额头上,光滑的汗珠,还有布满斑点的脸颊.  就像机器人一样,我说出了我已经说了六年的话:“好.”

她耸了耸肩,跟着我的脚步走.  hg888皇冠手机版一起从贴了标签的柜子里抢文件.  A paycheck peeks out of the corner of my folder.  49、越捕梦网我就越空,越受痛苦我就赚越多的钱.  “How many did you empty today?” The woman, Sheryl, asks me.  My mind pauses, so I open the file.  I respond numbly, “103.她睁大了眼睛,热情地把双手举到空中.  “How do you do it Bill?  I mean, is there a secret?我摇摇头,打开门,冲进了阳光里.  I jog, stretching my legs, and run towards my car.  “No secrets,” I yell, “just dreams.”

My car bakes in the afternoon sun.  The silver car door handle burns my skin.  我摸索着钥匙,一个女孩的声音在我身后响起.  “Hey, can I talk to you?我转过身,完全忘记了那辆车.  一件黑色背心配上一条很短的牛仔裤突出了她曲线优美的身材.  她的金发上涂着粉红色的染料,她的脚趾甲涂成了淡淡的颜色.

I lean my body against the car.  “What do you want?” I ask.  她走近一些,把一缕头发从她的翡翠眼睛上拂开.  “I want to do what you do,” she eagerly states.  A chuckle escapes my mouth; “You want to work in a factory all day?” I gesture towards the catcher; the building in which dream catchers are emptied.  “Don’t lie to me.她的声音柔和,带着一丝怨恨.

我背对着那个女孩,开始打开车门.  “You empty dream catchers.” She lunges towards the car.  “Somehow, all of the dreams disappear.我继续摸索着钥匙,小心地确保她没有看到我眼中的惊讶.  “听着,孩子,我不知道你在说什么.” I hop into the car and begin to shut the door.  She snatches the handle and rips the door open.  文件从侧门的口袋里滑了出来,文件像扇子一样在炙热的人行道上散开.  我还没来得及弯下腰,她就把锉刀拖向自己.  She shoves the papers in my face.  第一篇论文用大字写着:103个捕梦网空了.  “看起来你知道我在说什么,”她讥笑道.

我深深地吸了一口气,从车里走出来.  “Do not tell anyone what you saw,” I threaten.  她把锉抱在胸前,“我不会,但有一个条件.” I raise my eyebrows, and she raises hers.  “You have to teach me how to empty a dream catcher.我紧紧握住她纤弱的手,颤抖着说:“好吧。.  You have a deal.” Her lips curl upward, and her eyes sparkle.  “When do we start?” I gaze towards the building.  I slam the car door.  “Now.她把文件扔进我的怀里,朝接球手的方向狂奔.  I sulk after her, doubting my decision.

当我为女孩拉开门时,一股巨大的力量压在我的手臂上.  “What’s your name?” Her eyes intently scan the empty hall.  She continues to observe, “You can call me Ray.” Her legs pull her in various directions.  Eventually, she locates the shaft.  Thousands of dream catchers fall from the shaft, are separated, and then delivered to different rooms.  “So, this is where they all come from?” She asks me over her shoulder.  Her eyes widen in wonder.  She lifts a glass panel and reaches into the shaft.  她闭上眼睛,让捕梦器上的羽毛拂过她苍白的皮肤.  The nightmares are hidden in the pure beauty.

我轻轻地抓住她的胳膊,把她拖向另一个方向.  I quickly direct her into the room.  The room is bare.  一个装满捕梦网的容器,被密封在一个透明的盒子里.  我找回钥匙,打开门,仔细挑选了一个捕梦网.  “Lay there,” I order.  Ray eagerly plops onto the gray bed sheets.  I throw the dream catcher to her; she examines the specific design.  I shuffle through a drawer.  抽屉角落里有个小注射器向我眨眼.  我紧张地拿起注射器,接上一细管水样液体.

Ray notices my actions, but she remains calm.  “这种注射会阻止你醒来,直到每个梦都结束.” She sits up, “Okay, inject me, let’s go!” Her happiness sickens my stomach.  “I can’t guarantee what you see; these are someone else’s nightmares.” I point towards the dream catcher.  她点点头,把温暖的手放在我的手上,“我知道,”她低声说.  我把针扎进她的脖子,她立刻就睡着了.

一连几个小时,我坐在一张豪华的皮椅上观看.  I watch her writhe in imaginary pain.  I listen to her scream.  I smell the sweat roll down her skin.  她的眼睛睁开了,眼泪猛烈地从脸颊上流下来.  “Ray, calm,” her screams silence my words.  She jumps to her feet and sprints towards the door.  她的手无法控制地颤抖,连简单的门闩也解不开.  In panic, she yanks tufts of her pink hair.  Beads of sweat drip from the tip of her nose.  我跳上前去,抓住她的身体,她就倒在我的怀里.  Anger thickens in her voice, “Do you enjoy it?  你喜欢看人们最可怕的噩梦吗?”

She pounds her fists against my chest and stomach.  “You are a sick person!” She screams.  Eventually, she crawls to the door and opens it.  She steps into the hallway.  Before she leaves, she captures my attention.  一小点干血覆盖在她脖子上的小洞上.  The sweat dampens her cotton shirt.  Her dark makeup is smudged beneath her eyes.  她用手指梳理着汗津津的头发,怒视着我, “Just tell me why you do it,” she demands.  Disgust lurks in her voice.  “It’s not a choice; it’s a punishment.” Puzzlement washes over her face.  她砰的一声关上门,我听到她的脚步声在走廊上跳跃.  I stand and hobble towards the container of dream catchers; it is draped in shadows.  I choose a bare dream catcher, the kind that always hold the worst dreams, lie on the bed, and I plunge the sharp needle into my neck.




卡洛琳·多诺万就读于特拉华州威尔明顿的阿切米尔学院. 她的爱好是写作,但她也喜欢运动. 她全年都参加体育赛事. 卡罗琳是约翰·格林的超级粉丝,读过他所有的小说. 她立志成为畅销书作家,用自己独特的视角改变世界.