The Saga of Sir Marcdalf the Valiant Part I: The Math Menace

Once upon a time, in a land that is not as far away as it seems, there was the Kingdom of Cramalot. 克拉马洛是由辛德龙国王统治的. In the city of Monolinth, the capital of Cramalot, there lived a young squire named Marcdalf. 马尔多夫是雷纳德·光剑爵士的侍从, who was a knight of the Octagon Table: a group of seven of King Sinderon’s most trusted knights. “有一天,,” said Sir Renald as Marcdalf helped him into his armor. “You will become a knight and replace me when I step down from my place at the Octagon Table.” This was an encouraging thought to Marcdalf, but he needed to train in order to become a knight.

有一天,, as Marcdalf and the other squires were sword training in the castle courtyard, 国王亲自走了进来! 和他在一起的是一个披着斗篷的身影. 侍从们看到国王在场就跪了下来. “你可以站起来了。”辛德龙国王说. “我想向你们介绍数学女王. 她是一个从远方来的旅行者, and is here to help further our Kingdom’s technology and knowledge. 我只是带她四处看看. 进行.”

那天晚上,马尔多夫走在回家的路上, a strange light glowed from the windows of the tallest tower of the King’s keep.

Over the next month, Marcdalf noticed strange things happening in the city. 有些人生病了. But this sickness caused numbers and symbols to appear on people’s skin. Marcdalf suspected the Math Queen had something to do with it, but no one believed him. 所以他决定自己动手. 他爬上了塔顶的台阶.

当他到达山顶时,他敲了敲门. 没有响应. “你好?“Marcdalf叫. 没有答案. 他试了试门把手. 这是解锁. 现在没有回头路了,马尔多夫想. 他打开门. It opened with a slight “C-R-E-E-E-A-K…” Before him was a dark room. 他拔出剑来. In the dim light he could make out bookshelves lining the walls. In the center of the room there was a small table with a book on it. The book was opened, and numbers and symbols seemed to be floating out of it! 疾病的根源! 认为Marcdalf.

“Well, well, well, it looks like you have seen too much,” a voice echoed throughout the tower. “hg888皇冠手机版现在不能让你告诉任何人,对吗?” The Math Queen stepped out of the shadows, sword raised. 她的眼睛里有一种奇怪的光. 马尔多夫跳上前去,合上书! There was a blast that knocked them both to the ground!

烟雾散去后,两个卫兵走进了房间. “发生了什么事? 其中一个问马多夫.

“I came to investigate the sickness,” Marcdalf explained. “我认为那本书可能就是来源. 我关了门,然后就发生了爆炸.”

“嗯,不管你做了什么,都起作用了。”另一个卫兵说. “病已经消失了!数学女王站了起来. 她眼睛里奇怪的光芒消失了. “你有什么故事??卫兵问她.

“我打开了那本书,”她说. “之后的事我不太记得了.”

Marcdalf and the Math Queen were summoned by King Sinderon. 他把书举在面前. It was now bound in chains to ensure it was not opened. “这只可能来自一个地方,”他说. "数学多的黑暗之地.他抬起头,一脸严肃. “hg888皇冠手机版正在受到攻击. hg888皇冠手机版必须反击.”

“人们不会简单地走进Math-dor,摩根·弗里曼爵士说, 国王的顾问和八角桌骑士. “That land is filled with fouler things than just equations. 他们说你呼吸的空气都是有毒的. 那里的数学不睡觉.”

突然,一声喊叫:“拿起武器! 这座城市正在遭到攻击!”听到. 这是一场可怕的战斗. Monsters, whose skin was covered with numbers and symbols, ruthlessly attacked the city. 但最终,袭击者占领了这座城市. The survivors had barricaded themselves inside the keep. 似乎所有的希望都破灭了. But there was a secret exit that only the King and the Knights of the Octagon Table knew of. 辛德隆国王走近他的王位, 按了它旁边一个隐藏的按钮, 王位也随之溜走了, 通向城市深处的楼梯!

Marcdalf walked beside Sir Morgan Freeman down a tunnel lit by torches. “这里,”摩根·弗里曼爵士说,“就是海底隧道. It was built long ago as an escape route for times of crisis such as this.” Soon, the tunnel ended at a cave in the Foresty Forest. 幸存者就是在这里扎营的. “There is a way to stop the attacks and reclaim Cramalot,摩根·弗里曼爵士说,这时他们正坐在炉火旁, eating a stew that they had made with ingredients from the forest. 大家都热切地抬头看着他. 营地里的阴郁似乎已消散. “在这个森林,摩根·弗里曼爵士解释道, “is an ancient ruin that houses the Sword of Alevan-Fiften, 在古代语言中,这意味着“数学的终结”. It is said that only the Hero of Cramalot can draw the sword from the stone it is set in. 英雄, 与此剑, 能打败黑暗魔王撒克逊吗, who commands the math monsters from the land of Math-dor.”

“Well then,” said King Sinderon, “tomorrow, we will go to this ruin.”

第二天,他们跋涉到废墟. 还有亚利万十五之剑! One by one the survivors of the attack on Cramalot tried to pull the sword out of the stone, 但毫无用处. 一切希望似乎都破灭了. Every single person there had tried to pull the sword out, except for one: Marcdalf. 他走到剑前. 他抓住把手. 他的手在冒汗. 然后他拉.

突然“嗖”的一声,它出来了! 阳光在剑上闪闪发光. 每个人都很惊讶. And they were relieved, for the Hero had ended up being one of them! 希望并没有丧失!

So it was decided that Marcdalf would then set out to Math-dor. 与他同行的还有摩根·弗里曼爵士, 因为他非常聪明, 一个伟大的战士, 知道很多关于马多的事. They traveled through plains, into woods, over mountains, and across rivers. 最后,他们终于到达了玛多的黑暗之地. 它是贫瘠和荒凉的. 但是在马多中央有一座塔. “That is where the Dark Lord Saxon is,摩根·弗里曼爵士说 to Marcdalf. 他们穿过陆地向塔进发.

他们到达了山顶. 那是黑魔王撒克逊本人! He stood, looking over the land, in armor and a dark cloak. In the center of the top of the tower there was a table with a book on it, 就像在克拉姆洛特后面的那个. “我知道你会来,黑魔王撒克逊说, 一开始不转弯, 但他知道他们在那里. 他转过身来看着他们. “我发现我在克拉姆洛特植入的那本书很有用.” Indeed, when the Math Queen opened the book, Saxon got a hold on her. 她毕竟是个好人. The Dark Lord Saxon used confusing math, not basic math.

“你们打败不了hg888皇冠手机版!” shouted Marcdalf, drawing the Sword of Alevan-Fiften. 摩根·弗里曼爵士拔出了剑. 撒克逊也拔出了剑. They engaged in an epic sword fight on the top of the tower. When Saxon turned his attention to Morgan Freeman, Marcdalf saw his chance. Saxon furiously attacked Morgan Freeman, but the knight blocked each blow. Marcdalf then grabbed the book and cut it in half with the sword! 一阵强光从塔上射下来. 撒克逊跪倒在地. 他笑了.

“You may have defeated confusing math, but you have not won that easily!撒克逊说:“. 突然,他们周围的大地开始震动. 雷声隆隆. 闪电从天上射下来.

“哦,不!”Marcdalf喊道. “We haven’t only destroyed confusing math, but math itself!“你看,这个世界需要数学.

“一定有办法恢复数学!摩根·弗里曼爵士说. Then, Marcdalf saw it: a slot in the table where the book had been. He took the Sword of Alevan-Fiften and slid it into the table!

不知何故,剑的力量恢复了数学. 世界恢复了正常.

Later, there was a great ceremony in the King’s keep of the now reclaimed city of Cramalot. 马多夫跪在辛德隆国王面前. “今天,”辛德隆国王说. "hg888皇冠手机版向这位拯救了hg888皇冠手机版王国的英雄致敬. 他长途跋涉,勇敢战斗,以拯救这片土地.他拔出剑来, 当他封马多夫为爵士时, 他说, “今天, 我宣布他为勇士马尔多夫爵士!”


M. G. 谢尔曼 is in the seventh grade at Tall Oaks Classical School in Delaware and likes creative writing, 画和写歌词. He also likes playing piano, running cross-country, and playing video games. He lives with his parents, older brother and rescue dog, Nydia, in Newark, Delaware. 他最喜欢的书包括《hg888皇冠手机版》, 指环王三部曲, 以及《hg888皇冠手机版》系列. He is currently writing three novels and hopes to be a famous author before high school graduation. His disdain for math inspired this creative short story.