埃塞尔·M的故事. 伯克学校车间

去年秋天,埃塞尔M. Burke School in Bellmawr, NJ, spent the day brainstorming and writing creative stories for PS, Jr. 以下是一些参与者的写作样本. “大爆炸! 崩溃!” A spaceship crashed into my best friend’s backyard.  “Hi, my name is Alexis,” the alien said to my best friend, Stephany.  她告诉[...]


繁荣! The electrical discharge in the air is quite interesting.  Dark, pale clouds hover and threaten any object in its way by giving it a shock of death. The blinding white light is faster than the speed of wind. 裂纹! The earsplitting noise is as loud as an ambulance in New York City. 灯(...]


他独自走在雪地里.  His grimy bare feet dragged behind, tinged with the sorrow of a deep blue. It was more than just despair now; it was hatred of what had become of his life. 它本来可以是不同的. The future could have flourished, beckoning to him with open arms. 他的生活(...]


Most think there are two kinds of people in this world; those who cover up the simplicity of human necessities such as affection, 和爱, and the need to have more than what is granted to them, 和那些不喜欢的人. But you cannot fit the entire spectrum of human life forms into two simple categories. 有(...]


“不,你是个大骗子!”莉莉嚷道. “是啊,好吧. 你太可信了。”她的哥哥乔希回应道. “乔什上楼去,莉莉现在来找我!莉莉的妈妈喊道. Josh stomped upstairs and Lily stomped to her parents’ room. She sat on the bed and prepared herself for a big, long lecture. 相反,她[...]


后台灯亮着. They were a strange blue light, but not hard to see by. I worked my way around all of the chairs and music stands, microphones and instrument cases. The curtains were slightly parted in the middle; Joanne was onstage. 她是我妹妹,比我大一点...]


我讨厌这几个月. They’re endless, and robed in a fierce white sheath that brings misery and pain to people like us. Most especially, they make it hard to sleep on the side of the road. I can see my breath in a puff of something along the lines of white smoke as I hustle [...]


There was a boy named Nortin who was going on a trip to England. Nortin boarded the plane and then–whoosh—the plane flew up into the clouds. 诺丁对即将发生的事情非常紧张. 飞机会坠毁吗?? 从天上掉下来? 任何事情都有可能发生. 诺丁吓得昏了过去. 当他醒来时,[...]


1-3年级优胜者Addy Deloffre
, Maple Glen Elementary Tornado Here comes the tornado on quick and speedy legs. 它是快速的,从不停止. 它鬼鬼祟祟地准备抓住它的猎物. It is running and spinning and never s前s and then it goes away. 1-3 GRADE RUNNER UP Zachary Porter, 
Plymouth Elementary The [...]


Philly Girls Read are all 5th graders at Independence Charter School. Teacher Corey Michener started Philly Girls Read as a curriculum, 指南, and way of life that teaches girls how to read actively and create their own advocacy campaigns for the causes they care about. This is an exercise in essential values and core beliefs. hg888皇冠手机版经常...]


, CB East High School Coarse Heels They say it’s impossible to get lost in North America now Since they’ve commercialized and vandalized with infrastructure and order and rigidity and organization The natural world – taming everything they decided was wild and proclaiming it savage and     uncivilized and wrong because it wasn’t [...]


Millions of Islamic women Held beneath the surface of possibilities Waiting Waiting For the deafening tomb Of shattered silence To break I am one of them Those women Held away from freedom From a life of the maximum Whispers, murmurs and mumbles Float through the air Taunting me Accusing me Of something I have not [...]


Small outcasts, on this small evening, in this summer city. 屋顶给了乌鸦,被遗弃的乌鸦一个家. The crow, usual times, they crow, but outcasts back up each other. 他们不是弃儿,至少对彼此来说不是. 他们是兄弟姐妹和朋友. 最伟大的朋友. 被排斥的孩子,他们的父母,和[...]


歧视和偏见正在蔓延, as rampant and untamed as a little child Like a ferocious beat it will not be s前ped unless a decision is made by someone on 前 Top, 前, 前 like the president– to whom evil and bad should probably be evident I hope that this is relevant: Gay, 直, [...]

他们害怕. 怕我的眼睛,怕我的爪子. 他们认为我崩溃了,麻痹了,破坏了. 他们认为我杀人. 他们害怕. 害怕我的无敌,害怕我的力量. 他们认为我是个恶棍. 他们害怕. 怕我的鳞片,怕我的火. 他们认为我是...]


The shoes – a light blue size too big, untouched with paper filled belly. 鞋子系在床上. 以防他需要逃跑. Because dragon’s fire does not Burn hotter than “No” The knight will come, 但在这里的夜晚, 生物爬. 巨人,他付出了更多[...]

Two easels lay apart, Abstracted of different mediums. One from shimmering hope, Other knowing only heavy demur. 在实践中, 这两个人在各种色彩的调色板的混合中走到了一起, 展现希望与梦想, 成功和失败, 半满半空的水. 先人所想,后人相信. They became mural In endless second, And in next few decades. [...]


为什么天空的颜色是蓝色, color of defense Parties Different parties Conflicting ideas, 同样的自由, 平等的自由正义平等的正义真正的人, understanding people Blood shed Red blood Independence with acceptance All religion Free religion Welcomed here to thrive here Democracy Powers splayed A Nation’s positions on its conditions When dreaming Know [...]


我的树,我的树,我爱我的树. 感觉它是我的一部分. I look at it when I wait for the bus, even if I’m in a rush. 我看着树叶俯冲而下, 直到完全没有叶子,然后是树枝, 覆盖着雪.  现在,小...]


你闻起来像甜甜的梦. 你的味道就像一首轻柔的歌. 近看你像一个柔软的紫色球. 你会梦到柔软的软软的枕头. 你的朋友叫你紫星. 你是葡萄.     Lily Aparin-Buck age 9, is in 4th Grade at the Plymouth Meeting Friends School.


猕猴桃,酸但很甜. 外面粗糙,里面光滑. 近距离看,你就像一块闪闪发光的翡翠. 远处,有一块坚硬的棕色岩石.   Genevieve Bevenour, age 10, is in 4th Grade at the Plymouth Meeting Friends School.


What would the world be like without the vivid colors of a summer sunset? What would the world be like without the lush green grass that brushes your ankles on a walk in the rolling meadow? 如果没有它,世界会是什么样子, 蓝色的毯子在hg888皇冠手机版的头上布满了浮肿, 白色的棉花(...]


阳光灿烂,就像红知更鸟的羽毛. 草变绿了,像一只湿漉漉的翠绿海龟. 花儿跳起舞来,就像一个粉红色的芭蕾舞演员. 树皮像黑暗的轮廓一样旋转. 树芽开了,像点点繁星. 新闻起来像明亮的涡漩花纹. 春分的到来就像...]


哦,壳, You are the crown of a king Feeling proud On the king’s head Your spikes are pointy Like grabby starfish hands Like the color of sand You look like a sandstorm Swirling In action You have a little opening That is curled Like a fruit roll up Your swirly 前 is a mountain [...]