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Thursday, July 2, 2009

new sem begin!

so, the new sem will begin. the fifth sem. im making a lot of changes for this new sem. i gotta new phone from my mom- keh keh i got nokia xpress music 5320. just wat i lookin 4.. n i try to implement a new diet.. keh keh.. try to stay healthy n try to b slim.. wat more new?? hmm i gotta new group assignment members.. reha n ann.. gotta new attitude 4 dis sem.. try 2 b logic n care more 4 myself dia sem.. i gotta new pendant coming by mail to my rent house.. i buy it online.. shh.. dont say out loud bout dat.. hhaha i gotta new sneakers.. bout rm 60.. gotta new baju kurung.. gotta new eye shadow i bought 4 rm 40 to make smokey eyes. gotta new skills to make the eyes sparkle.. heheh

bout dis new sem, wat really matters 2 me is i need 2 make sure all study things 2 b done with peacefully n happily.. n i will try new routine life schedule 4 myself because i wanna b prepared 4 comin into a wonderful world of "employment" at my sixth semester. so, try my hard to make sure dat i can do the best 4 all the things dat will comes to me.. ti my frens, gud luck n have a gud day..