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Sunday, December 27, 2009

welcome 2010!

so 2010 approachg.. Just leave all the junk probs behind in 09 n start a new 'go go me' in 2010. 4 me, i wanna b a b8r person.. So dat i could gain more bnft n respect frm people round me. 4 dìs upcoming year, i had make a slight changes on da yahoo groups for b6m2, the name had change, the people had change, the color, etc etc.. I hope dat frens from me clas could use da grup as a medium 2 help each other 2 make our intern report n prepared 4 our viva. I wil delete the unwanted files also in the grup. Btw, gud luck 4 ur intern n happy new year. May god bless u guys..